3 day Wait Waiver Exclusions

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Failure of a county to accept our certificate is NOT GROUNDS for a refund.

Our main office is located in Broward County.  While our course MEETS the requirement outlined for the 3 day wait waiver in the state of Florida,  there are some counties in Florida that may not take our certificate.   

  • Some counties opt to accept providers from their county only
  • Some counties do not maintain a list of providers of this course and
  • some counties do not maintain an online directory for us to verify we are recognized as a provider in that county.

For example:

* Achula county will not take our certificate as they recognize course providers in their county.

* Brevard county has an online list and only local providers in that county are on that list.  We cannot confirm they will take our certificate if presented.

LIST by County: State of Florida clerk of the court.  Please check with your county to confirm a certificate from Sonia Gallimore, LMFT; will be accepted

As we hear from your experience with your county, we will create a list of non-participating counties as a courtesy.  If you experience any challenge accepting our certificate, please let us know, especially the county that you encountered this challenge with.  There is no way for us to know ahead of time which counties will receive our certificate.  We are in compliance with the state requirements for providing this course, and the course is valuable in its content and intention, even if you had no intention of getting a waiver.

Refunds for this course happen on a very limited basis, because this course  was created as a strategy for reducing your chance of being a divorce statistic NOT just to meet Florida marriage license wait-waiver guidelines.  Our compliance with the state allows Florida only county clerk of the courts issuing marriage certificates to consider your request for a waiver to the required 3-day wait (cool down period).  If you need this waiver to get married, please check with your county court house if they will accept a certificate signed my Sonia Gallimore, Florida Licensed Marriage Therapist.